Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I feel as if
There's nothing left
So for now
Here I sit

My mind is full
Of recent days
Now I'm worn
And in a haze

I feel as if
My light's gone out
And my heart
Is full of doubt

I've been running
To and fro
I've misplaced
My inner glow

I've been going
Day and night
I've nothing left
I just can't fight

Although I know
That life goes on
Today it's best
I stay withdrawn

is another day
I know that I
Will find my way

Moving on
Is my intent
But for today
I'm simply spent

Craziness has been in control of my life the last few weeks.  So many things that were beyond my control.  So many situations that pierced my heart.  I have kept my candle burning day and night, trying to sort through the chaos and deal with the important things. 

Today I am out of wax.  And frankly I just don't feel like lighting the candle.  Today is a day of reflection for me.  It is my time to sort through all the events of the last few weeks.  Today I am storing the good memories, the accomplishments, the love of the last few weeks.  Today I am letting go of the sadness, the anguish, the disappointments of the last few weeks. 

Sometimes life feels like it is out of control.  Things come so fast that all you can do is react.  I think it is important after these times to just step back and reflect, readjust and rejuvenate.  For me today is that day.

Don't be afraid to give yourself permission to take a break if you are spent.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I can write down all my thoughts
There's no censor here
I can state just how I feel
And I can share my fears
I can pray in my own way
You can do the same
I can study what I wish
And have no fear of shame

We are blessed with freedoms
That others do not share
Purchased with a price
Of those no longer here
So as you make your choices
Each and every day
Be thankful for your freedoms
And those who joined the fray
For some did not come home
So you could live your way

All too often we get caught up in our differences and our opinions.  Perhaps today we should take a step back and be thankful.  Be thankful that we can have our differences and our own opinions because many men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms.  Let us not forget that we have many privileges and many rights that others do not even understand.

May you have a blessed Memorial Day.  May we always remember our fallen.  May we always treat each other with respect in their honor.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Patriarch

Kind and loving
Patient and Wise
I see it all
In Grandpa’s eyes

With joy and peace
Faithful and good
He taught us to live
As we should

By example
And on his knees
He leads the way
To heaven’s streets

Honest and true
Pure and just
He taught us all
To live in trust

He loves his Lord
He loves his wife
He taught his children
The righteous life

He’s touched this world
With outstretched hand
Leading many
To the promised land

We all see him
Through different eyes
But we all agree
He’s very wise

He leads us still
Though we’re apart
For he is simply
Our patriarch

The last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster for me.  While I said goodbye to my grandma, I also had the special privilege of connecting with my family.  I had the opportunity to become acquainted with many of my cousins as adults.  The last time I had seen most of them was twenty-five years ago.  I was a young mother and they were still children.  I enjoyed my conversation with each individually and as a group.
I had time with my aunts and uncles, my parents and my brothers.  And although the time seems too brief, I will treasure each and every memory.

In the midst of the excitement I had the honor of visiting with my grandpa.  At ninety-six, he is wise and ornery, reserved and vivacious, loving and direct.  When I am in his presence I am flooded with the memories of many summers spent with my grandparents.  I am reminded of the many times he fixed me breakfast.  I am conscious of every wise statement he has said.  I am overcome with the love of my grandpa.

And when I sit and observe this family, I see the influence of grandpa on every life.  Whether by blood or marriage we cannot deny that he has touched our lives.  He is our patriarch.

I love you grandpa.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leap Of Faith

A leap of faith
Take the plunge
Something new
You’ve never done

You think your life
Needs a change
Be brave be bold
Do something strange

You’re not happy
The way things are
Step off the path
To be a star

You feel your life
Is in a rut
Don’t drag your feet
Instead just strut

I understand
That you’re afraid
Don’t let your dreams
Be delayed

Let go of pain
Let go of hurt
Take time to fly
Before the dirt

For when your life
Comes to an end
There’s no rewind
Can’t do it again

So often in life we are afraid to take chances.  We often are stuck right where we are because of fear or insecurities or lack of faith in our own abilities.  In order to make a change in our lives, we must step out of our comfort zone.  Just because we haven't done it before, does not mean that we cannot do whatever we dream of doing.

If you don't like where you are, take a leap of faith, be brave, try something new.  If you fail, try something else.  The only true failure is to not have tried at all.

Time to jump.  Are you ready?  No.  Let's do it anyway. 

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Friday, May 27, 2011


I was just a child
Sitting at your feet
You would play your songs
And sing along so sweet

All the hymns and songs
You could simply play
I couldn’t understand
Why you would cry that way

You sang Amazing Grace
And Rock of Ages
He Lives and At the Cross
Without looking at the pages
You played The Old Rugged Cross

You sang of Joy Unspeakable
And the Old Time Power
What a Friend You Had in Jesus
Who gave you Wonderful Peace

You had Blessed Assurance
That you had been Redeemed
You Loved to Tell the Story
How Love Lifted Me
You sang of Showers of Blessings
And How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

You sang Just As I Am
Asked for Just A Closer Walk
You were Standing on the Promises
Determined to Hold the Fort

I still hear you singing
I Am Coming Lord
And Blessed Be The Name
Your Victory in Jesus
Is now within your reach

I know you hear them calling
To Come and Dine
The Mansion Over the Hilltop
Is now within your sight
It’s time to keep on walking
Into that heavenly light

Your family has all gathered
To say goodbye for now
When we All Get To Heaven
We’ll Meet You By The River
In that Sweet By and By
And then we all will sing
Blessed Be The Name

                                                             Goodbye Grandma.  I Love You.

Ellen Vira Messick
Born December 28, 1918
Died May 23, 2011
Married May 23, 1936 to Lewis A. Messick

3 children
9 grandchildren
15 great grandchildren
2 great great grandchildren

Your love lives on in us. 

Copyright 2011 Ramblings by Dawn.  All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Time is ticking
Time is passing
Time’s a wasting
Time is marching
Time is flying
Time keeps on slipping

The time is ripe
The time is now
Time will tell
The time has come
Time is money
Time is up

Time is right
The time is now
No time like the present
It’s about time
Just passing the time
Just killing time
Running out of time

A time and place
Time can heal
Take your time
Give it time
A stitch in time
All in good time
The time has come
All the time

The very first time
Time after time
Third times a charm
Marking time
Time is of the essence
Spend time wisely
All the time
For the last time

Time is precious
 Time of your life
Good times
Time well spent
It’s about time
All in good time
Time waits for no one
This is my time
Find the time
Time out

As I was making my way to San Antonio yesterday, I was thinking about the passage of time.  I was thinking about my grandmother and how much she witnessed during her lifetime.  I was thinking about all the good times that I remembered at her house.  I thought about how as time passed I saw her less and less.  Our time was running out and I was not mindful of that.
As we were taking off from Kansas City, the dark clouds were gathering.  As we taxied down the runway, the rain began to fall.  We rose above the clouds and headed to Dallas.  As I was exiting the plane in Dallas I overheard people in the airport talking about tornadoes in Kansas City.  I immediately starting texting my children to see if they were all right.  My flight took off just in time.
The Dallas airport was very busy.  I expected that.  As I was sitting waiting for my next flight, counting down the minutes, it was announced  that it would be delayed by two hours.  So I spent the time reading and observing the people in the airport.  I listened as many of them talked about the bad storm in Dallas the day before that caused damage to many planes cancelled many flights.  The timing of my flight really was perfect.  If I had flown the night before, I would have been caught in storms.  If I left any later, I would have been caught in storms.
Timing is everything.  Time is a gift.  Time is an asset that cannot be replaced.  Time is the only commodity we all have in common.  It is up to us to use what we have been given.  And as Marie B. Ray says "We have only this moment sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake."
We use so many things to mark the passing of time, we watch our clocks, we watch our phones, we watch our computers, we check our watches.  Perhaps we should be filling our time with things that matter, instead of just marking its passing.  
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burning Bridges

I built a bridge
My love reaching out to you
But you did not believe
That my love was true

You covered it with trash
So kindness could not flow
Your lies, your doubt
Wouldn't let you grow
Then you lit the fire
Fueled it with your rage
I couldn't watch
I had to disengage

You mistook my silence
Believed I didn't care
Blinded by your pain
You tripped in your own snare

And though my heart does ache
I have to step aside
For I am filled with anguish
My tears will not subside

I can see you hurting
But comfort I can't give
My bridge it lies in ashes
And you cannot forgive
So I will say a prayer
And watch you from afar
And hope someday you'll see
What bridges are really for


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Welcome to my castle
It's my special place
All my special things
Are hidden in this space
Bunnies and puppies
Monkeys and books
Are all tucked away
In my private nook
Even though my castle
To you may seem stationary
When i start to play
The places that I go are extraordinary
If you have the time
If you'd like to play
Climb inside my castle
Let troubles drift away
A couple of months ago the girls brought home a large box for Alex to play in.  Alex has made it her own.  She plays tea party in her own special place.  She reads and rocks her babies.  She kisses her animals and builds with blocks.  Yesterday the girls put a pad and a pillow out in the living room that was waiting to go to the trash.  Alex used them to make a nest and played all day.  She wandered around the house collecting trinkets and tucking them away.  She sat in her little nest talking to her animals and baby dolls.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to create a world to our liking?  Wouldn't it be incredible to have a world where all is perfect?  Wouldn't it be more peaceful if the world was according to our own creation?
Wouldn't it be nice if our only limitation was our own imagination?
Why can't it be?
A special thank you to Jaimee' and Marc.
Copyright 2011 Ramblings by Dawn.  All rights reserved.