Monday, January 23, 2012

Tending The Garden

a child is born

a child reaches out
makes a friend
learns to share
learns to care
plants a seed
starts a garden

Alexandra has made a new friend.  A whole new world of experiences has opened up to her.  She asks about Abby all the time.  She is sad when she goes home.  She can hardly wait to see her again.  Alexandra is already aware of the importance of friends in her life. 

As adults, I fear we lose some of that  awareness.  We get busy with life.  We get caught up in the "busy-ness" of our day.  Perhaps we should take a lesson from the children.  Is it time to tend the garden?

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Out Of Hiding

i've been hiding
wrapped up tight
tossing and turning
my hair's a fright
i am blinded
by the light
if you touch me
i may bite
i am wounded
i can't fight
if you push me
i'll take flight
i hear your words
my heart ignites
inside my chest
a riot incites
i feel your love
as it invites
my soul to step
outside it's plight
i look back
i feel contrite
to leave this place
would bring delight
but something's amiss
something's not quite right
so here i stay
for one more night

Sometimes life's path leads us through trials, missteps and disappointments that wound our heart and soul.  It is not uncommon to pull away and build a safe space for ourselves.  This works for awhile.  And can give our hearts time to heal.  The most difficult part of this strategy is stepping back out into the world, reaching out once again.  Sometimes the wounds are so deep that a simple statement, a tone of voice, a harmless gesture can send us running back to our safe place.  It takes courage to reach out.  Courage wavers in the shadow of a wounded soul. 

When you see a wounded soul, be kind.  Remember they are still healing.  And healing takes time.  Compassion and understanding can help the wounded souls rediscover their courage. 

If you are a wounded soul, i hope you find your courage once again.  I hope you find kindness, compassion, understanding and love that heals your wounds.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Never Quite The Same

nice and neat
perfectly wound
spring in my step
energy abounds

i slink down the stairs
and stretch out far
make fun noises
i am a star

i love to play
i don't care how
i snap right back
at least 'til now

life has taken
a funny turn
i'm twisted and tangled
and a bit concerned

i've lost my shape
i can't spring back
my mind is slipping
fear i will crack

i am stretched
and out of shape
need some love
perhaps some tape

along the way
i've been off track
there are things
i can't take back

i take some time
unwind the knots
cleanse my heart
wipe out the spots

now i know
it's not a game
and i will never
be quite the same

Alexandra thinks that her GG is magic and can fix anything.   Oh how I wish it were true.  When she handed me the tangled slinky and said "fix it, GG, fix it", I tried.  I was able to get the tangles out.  But, the slinky certainly did not look the same.

As we walk our life's path we should remember the slinky.  You can stretch it and pull it.  You can walk it down the stairs.  But when it gets tangled, it will never be the same.  We allow things to get us all tied in knots, we make questionable choices, we don't pay attention to where our life is headed.  All of these things can tangle our hearts and our souls.  As a result, we are never quite the same.

So as you walk through your day, consider the slinky.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winds of Change

i love the wind
the gentle breeze
the forceful gust
the blowing leaves
the icy chill

i love the wind
it brings a change
a new adventure
a fresh perspective
a promise for the future

i love the wind
it steals my breath
it awakens my senses
it tussles my hair
it cools me down

i love the wind
it reminds me
to keep moving
let go of my sorrows
and reach for tomorrow

There are times that I wish I could hang onto a moment in my life forever.  But if I did, it would lose its value.  There are times, painful times that seem to last far too long.  Either way, I am always thankful for the winds that bring a change in my life.  I cherish the precious moments.  And I release the painful times while holding onto the lessons learned.  I love the wind.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Master Of The Game

life is a game
or so you say
and you believe
we all should play

you set the rules
you make the moves
then your surprised
when you lose

you treat people
like a pawn
look around
and they are gone

you change the rules
you twist the game
and find someone else
to take the blame

your mistake
right from the start
was playing games
with someone's heart

now they are gone
and you're in pain
thoughts are swirling
in your brain

now your life
goes up in flames
as they become
master of the game

When it comes to matters of the heart or life in general, we should not play games.  Ultimately, when you play games with someone's heart yours will also be wounded in the fray.  When we are hurt and strike out in retaliation wounds become deeper, scars more permanent.  When we allow ourselves to react without thought or consideration everyone loses.  When it comes to matters of the heart, don't play.  When it comes to life, don't play.  Live it.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Know A Man

i know a man

a godly man
compassion in his heart
a patient man
understanding is his art
a loving man
wisdom he imparts
a forgiving man
believes in a fresh start
a humble man
simply doing his part

i know a man
he is my dad
and when you say
i am like him
my heart is truly glad

Through the years I have watched my dad reach out to so many people.  I have watched him mourn with them, celebrate with them, guide them and comfort them.  There were times as a child I was jealous of the time he spent with other people.  But most of the time, I was amazed by how much he touched their lives simply by loving them.  He encouraged people to be themselves.  He taught them be their very best.  He helped them discover new talents.  He applauded every success.

Yesterday I was blessed to watch an outpouring of appreciation and love for dad and his life's work.  I watched video greetings from around the world.  I looked at cards from all over the United States.  I visited with people representing so many years of ministry.  My dad was surprised, overwhelmed and speechless.  When he finally found words, "I was just doing what I thought was right".

To all of you who contributed to this occasion, thank you for honoring my dad.  It was a blessing for him and for my entire family.  Blessings to each of you and your families.

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Friday, January 13, 2012


big plans
great ideas
sparks of genius
light bulb

and yet
until you
execute the plan
act on the idea
add fuel to the fire
acknowledge the lesson
screw in the light bulb

It is one thing to know what you should do or could do.  It is another entirely to actually do it.  Let your genius show.  Let the world see your unique inspiration.  Let your light shine.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012


light a fire
spark an idea
encourage the impossible
reach beyond limits
step out of the box
throw the box away
be bold
radiate confidence
emanate hope
saturate your life with love
let it freely flow
wherever you may go
bathe in inspiration
inspire your world

What inspires you?  Not what drives you.  If you are driven, you are being pushed.  To be inspired is to reach for something, to move forward, to progress.  So what inspires you?  What lights the fire that burns in your soul?  What releases your passion?  What encourages you to dream big?  Whatever it is, chase it, reach for it, hold onto it.  And then, share with the world around you so they may be inspired too.  Inspiration breeds hope, possibilities and growth.  We need more inspiration.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It Only Takes One

one more
just one
come on
give me just one
it doesn't matter which one
just one
that is all i need
please just one
only one
any one
but please
give me one

Ever feel like life is teasing you?  Do you play the if only game?  If only I had done it yesterday.  If only I had left sooner.  If only I had listened.  If only I had been quicker.  If only....  Sometimes it can be discouraging.  Sometimes it feels like you are just missing the mark.  Don't give up.  You are where you are, and you are who you are.  It only becomes a tragedy if you quit.  Keep going, the one may be just around the next corner.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


magic is in the air
i feel it everywhere
blowing through the trees
living beneath the seas
the glory of the rising sun
letting me know the day's begun
in the laughter of a child
in the kindness of a smile
glowing from the flowers bright
sparkling in evening's starlight
flowing through an outstretched hand
rising from a fertile land
magic magic in the air
i can feel it everywhere

for true magic to descend
you must believe my friend
to find your magic simply start
by looking deep inside your heart

Don't you just love the feeling of magic in the air?  Those days when all is right with the world.  The days when things do go your way.  All too often we allow ourselves to believe it is just not our day.  We don't believe in magic anymore. 

Do you want the magic back?  Spread some around.  Take a seed of kindness, compassion and love share it with another.  Watch it grow.  It is magic.  It is within you.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Angels In Our Midst

have you seen the angels
they are everywhere
you will find them
in a smile
a helping hand
a kind word
when you are down

have you seen the angels
they are in are midst
you will feel them
give you strength
lift your spirits
touch your heart
when you feel forgotten

have you seen the angels
there's one in the mirror
you can join their chorus
offer some encouragement
spread a little cheer
touch the world around you
and love will be your wings

When we reach out to those around us, we spark kindness and compassion.  That kindness and compassion comes back to us when we are in need.  Looking for an angel army?  Join up and you will have angels at every turn.

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Up A Creek

up a creek
going with the flow
up a creek
without a paddle


up a creek
and not using
your paddle

There are times that life leaves us feeling as if we have no control.  However, more often then not, we just have to find the paddle we were given.  Perhaps we need to quit focusing on the creek and search for the paddle.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012


when everything
looks the same
when your life
becomes routine
when one day
runs into another
when boredom
rules your domain

add a little love

love stands out

Often we go through our daily life without truly appreciating what is around us.  We take our family, our job, our homes for granted.  When routine has stolen your joy, step back, look through the eyes of love.  Things will become new again.

Each day is a gift.  When we add love to each day, joy becomes our companion.  And we travel with a unfettered heart.  Need a change?  Add love to every moment of every day.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i've made mistakes
taken wrong paths
said the wrong thing
done things i regret
but i don't sweat it
they are just feathers
that make me unique
each one was a lesson
each one is a part
of the person i am
they're a piece of my heart
i carry these feathers
for awhile
to grow and change
i wear them with style
when the lesson is learned
they float through the air
taking my troubles
and the wisdom i share
should you see my feather
go floating by
i don't need it back
for i've learned to fly

Why is it that we choose to see our mistakes as weights and chains?  We drag them around and allow them to hinder our spirits.  Although there are some mistakes I wish I hadn't made, I am thankful for the person I am today as a result of those mistakes.  I am who I am today.  And I am a delight, a little odd, a colorful individual with deep understanding.  Most of who I am is a result of the lessons learned in the life I have lived.  I will be a better person tomorrow because of the feathers of today.  And my troubles and my mistakes, they will float away.  I am free to fly.  Are you?

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ode To The Monkeys

monkey see
monkey do
makes you wonder
what inspired the first monkey

a monkey wrench
in the works
causes us to see differently
a new perspective
a creative solution

nit picking
teaches us to care
to reach out to others
to pick the nits
that can't be reached

hear no evil
see no evil
speak no evil
wise little monkeys

climbs like a monkey
reaching new heights

ten little monkeys
jumping on the bed
taking a risk
having some fun
one falls off
the others keep jumping

wisdom of the monkeys
in a nutshell
take a chance
have some fun
be brave
change your approach
help a brother out
keep climbing
and avoid evil

smart little monkeys

Ever since Alexandra was a baby, we have called her monkey.  Why it started I couldn't say.  It does seem to be an appropriate term for my adventurous granddaughter.  She climbs everything without fear, she mimics everything she sees and hears, and she has an incredible curiosity.  She know no fear, she looks for alternative ways to accomplish whatever her goals are and she is very kind hearted.  She is quick to help and often wants to do things her own way.  I hope that she never loses these characteristics.  In fact, I hope to learn to be more of a monkey myself.  How about you?

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