Saturday, October 22, 2011


"One of these things is not like the others
One of these things just doesn't belong"
a teaching tool
but what does it teach
to be unique
to be the alike
be the same
be different
i choose not to be a simile
my heart's not the same
my heart its own
i must find my way
to be the same
is to be
much less than
who i am

While there is some comfort in being like others, it is also debilitating.  For if you measure according to others you limit your possibilities.  No more similes.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hand That's Dealt

one hand
one chance
one life

take a chance
play your chips
stay in the game

the winning hand
goes to the one
who had the courage
to play the game

Too many times we see all the ways to lose.  The problem with that, it doesn't allow us to see the way we can win. 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

rescue the discarded
collect the forgotten
retrieve the passed over
mend the broken
restore the dismantled
reinvent the expired
breathe new life
new purpose
new pride
add warm fuzzies

In a time when so many people feel they have been discarded and no longer have value, warm fuzzies could change the world.

What are warm fuzzies?  Random acts of kindness, words of encouragment, expressions of compassion and love all examples of warm fuzzies.  Anything that you do that allows another to experience a warm fuzzy feeling.

Bring on the warm fuzzies.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flip Side

the sun slowly rises
pushing away the night
shadows of the day ahead
looming before my eyes
dreams transform
becoming possibilities
the fog of sleepy eyes
gives way clearer skies
the mind shifts
from what i desire
to what i can do
what i can be
what i can achieve

this moment
colored with potential
waits for me to

this moment
drenched in hope
waits for me to
take charge

this moment
loaded with energy
waits for me to
wave my wand

this moment
is mine
to change
the world

All too often we get caught in what has always been.  We struggle with the muck of the moment.  When will look up and change ourselves and the world around us?  Today seems like a good day.

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Raging Sea

the raging sea
tossed about
riding the waves
pulled by the tides
lost in the currents
splash of reality
waves of rejections
drowning  in indifference
tossed by indecision
fighting to stay afloat
reaching for
the angry sky

Sometimes no matter what you do, life tosses you about.  Hang on, ride this out.

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The Memory Box

we all have a memory box
to keep our treasures in
the little smiles
the soothing touch
the kind words
the shoulders to cry on
the honesty of a friend
the offered hand
that pulls us up
the kindly kick
that moves us forward
the choices that we make
we all have a memory box
it is called the heart

So often we cling to things to measure our worth in this world, when really we only need look inside our heart.  What we find there is indeed what we treasure, for it makes us who we are.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

What I Need

money would be grand
a bigger house kinda fun
a newer car would be swell
i'd like to be thinner
i could use some new clothes
want to sleep through the night
there are books
i'd like to read
and movies i'd like to see
places i'd like to go
and things i'd like to do

but when all is said and done
the things that i need most
most of all
just love

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Fall Leaves

autumn approaches
leaves begin to fall
their glory fading
their life nearly spent
a little tattered
a little dry
soon to crumble
into dust
a child looks down
and picks them up
ohs and ahs
giving them glory
calling them pretty
offers a gift
leaves now a treasure

the same is true
of the human heart
it beats and thrives
it bleeds
it aches
tattered and torn
and yet
a treasure just the same

As the leaves cover the ground outside our door, Alexandra is mesmerized.  One of her favorite things is to take a walk and pick up treasures.  Among her favorite are the leaves.  Every leaf she picks up, regardless of its condition is pretty.  And every leaf she enjoys giving to others.  Though it is a dried up old leaf, it has become my treasure.  Why?  Because my granddaughter gave it to me with love shining in her eyes.

Although some of us have been wounded and our only a shadow of our former glory, we still have worth.  We still have potential to be a treasure, because we still love.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

True Colors

i may wear all different colors
i may try for more pizzazz
don't be fooled by your first glance
take time to really look
you'll see my true colors
reflected in my heart

How often do we make judgements about someone based on first appearances?  How often do we shy away because of one statement or one action?  How many good people, good hearts do we miss because we don't take the time to see a person's true colors? 

Are you lettig your true colors shine for others to see?

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


always moving
always shifting
always up in the air
always busy
always adjusting
trying to show i care

don't let them fall
don't let them fail
don't let them feel the pain
don't let them stumble
don't let them struggle
don't let me wane

i grow weary
i begin to fail
i cannot be their shield
they will fall
they will fail
no matter what i do

no more juggling
no more weary arms
i will instead
help pick them up
dust them off
and love them with all my heart.

We so often try to protect those we love.  The truth is we can't spare them the pain.  But we can walk beside them.  We can help them up.  We can love them.

Copyright 2011 Ramblings by Dawn.  All rights reserved.