Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Walk

i walk
to fight the demons

i walk
to sort my thoughts

i walk 
to face my failures

i walk
to find my dreams

i walk
to battle pain

i walk
to conquer fears

i walk
to ease the madness

i walk 
to drown the noise

i walk
to lose the baggage

i walk
to heal my heart

i walk
to find myself

i walk...

but one day


I recently started walking every day.  Every day is a new journey, a new battle, a new discovery.  As I walk, my heart and mind do battle.  When the weight of my past heartaches and mistakes fill my head and invade my soul, my head bows and I struggle to lift my feet.  I fight to lift my head and push on, one step at a time.  As I look where I am going, the disappointments of my past roll down my back.  And for a brief moment I begin to dream again.  I begin to see a different life.  I begin to believe in me.  And so, I walk.

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Monday, September 10, 2012


i looked in the mirror
i wasn't there
some other face
an empty stare

the curtains drawn
no passion burns
faded thoughts
of lessons learned

memories scattered
failures loom
is it over
seems too soon

this must change
i am not done
time to live
find the sun

stand up tall
breathe real deep
open my eyes
take the leap

The past couple of weeks I have been experiencing an awakening.  I am not sure where I am headed.  Don't know what the future holds.  But, I do know I have spent too many years existing.  Time to fly.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Learning to Walk...Again

watch your step
one foot in front of the other
one step at a time

when watching your feet
though you keep moving
there is no telling where you will end up

lose your focus
lose your dreams
lose your balance

look up
shoulders back
push forward
learn to walk

I walked a trail with a friend this week.  Well, not the whole trail, but part of it.  She encouraged me to push my shoulders back and suck in my gut.  She told me to look up and taught me how to breathe.  Look up and breathe.  Things I had forgotten.  I struggled with looking forward while walking.  I was afraid of losing my balance and falling.  I had to be reminded a few times to look up.  Amazingly enough when I quit looking down, kept my eyes forward  my balance started improving.  Who knew that watching your feet actually makes it harder to balance.  

The breathing, well that was more difficult to master.  In fact, I am still practicing that.  I am finding that breathing correctly I feel better and think more clearly.  Breathing the wrong way makes me feel like I am suffocating. 

Along the trail were several hills.  The first couple, I thought I would die or stumble and roll back down them. As we walked the trail the hills were steeper and longer.  I discovered that they didn't seem quite so bad when I looked up, focused ahead and kept breathing.

As I figured out how to keep my shoulders back, suck in my gut, look up and breathe all at the same time I was rewarded with a flood of positive energy and beautiful views of the world I live in.  

Thanks to my friend...I am learning to walk again.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beyond the Fence

through the trenches
up the hill
over the obstacles
face the fears
change the world
reach out your hand
take a trip
climb a mountain
sail the ocean
learn something new
make new friends
help those in need
find your bliss
nourish your soul
exceed the limits
reach your potential


the sky's the limit
beyond the fence

Every morning Drakke(the dog) and I go out the back door to greet the day.  Drakke stands at the top of the stairs and looks over the fence.  When he spots the neighbors dogs, he rushes down the stairs to the fence and barks.  After the barking he travels around the yard next to the fence.  He chases the rabbit that has slipped in under the gate.  He crouches down looking under the gate longingly.  He then goes around the yard again, stopping now and then to crouch down and peek under the fence.  Back to the top of the stairs, he goes.  He stands looking out over the fence in all directions. After a couple of minutes he goes back inside, crawls under his blanket to dream of life beyond the fence.

The saddest part of this story...I am right there watching him.  In a sense, I am doing the very same thing.  I grow weary of dreaming of life beyond the fence.  Now if I could just remember which box I stuffed my courage in.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

As a mother...
I have learned patience
known overflowing joy
gained wisdom
cried many tears

As a mother...
I discover new perspectives
learn new talents
travel more roads
reflect more often

As a mother...
I understand forgiveness
believe in unconditional love
hope for a better world
and strive to be better every day

As a mother...
I understand consequences
value hard work
accept change
and cherish every moment

As a mother...
I am thankful for my children
They bring out the best in me

Today as I reflect on Mother's Day, I want to say thank you to my children, Marc Josef, Jayson Jeffry, Jaimee' Dawn and Kaycee JoAn.  Being your mother is the greatest challenge I have ever faced, the greatest gift I have ever received, and the greatest honor I have ever known.  I love each and everyone of you.

To Susan, I am so thankful that Jayson chose you to share his life.  You are a wonderful wife to my son.  You are an incredible mother to my granddaughter.  I love you as my own.

To Alexandra, you bring me joy each and every day.  I love you.

To all who wandered into my home and called me mom, thank you for letting me be a part of your life.  And know that you have touched my heart.

To all the mom's, as we celebrate Mother's Day, let us count our blessings, for they are many.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Masterpiece

an idea
making mistakes
starting again
ever evolving
more mistakes
moving forward
a masterpiece

What is a masterpiece?  Do you have to be a master to create a masterpiece? 

A masterpiece is what you create each day.  You are the master of your own design.  Some create with paint and brushes, some with clay, some with fabric and thread.  All of us create a masterpiece each day.  What we say, what we do, what we think all become fabric of our life.  Each day a masterpiece.  Each day a small piece in the grand scheme of our legacy.

Perfection is not required.  In fact, mistakes are a part of the creation process.  Some mistakes have to be fixed.  Some will be hidden.  And some become happy mistakes, adding beauty we cannot imagine.

Rejoice in the masterpiece you are creating.  For there will never be another with the beauty and unique design of your masterpiece.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


high road
low road
the road less traveled

choose wisely
for it not only determines
your destination
it determines
your journey

it is the journey
that determines
who we are
and who we become

it is the journey
that creates
the memories
we cherish

it is the journey
that presents
the lessons
we learn

high road
low road
the road less traveled

Why do we choose the roads we choose?  So many different reasons for our choices.  Sometimes we choose the road that we believe is faster.  Sometimes we choose the road that looks easier.  Sometimes one just looks better.  Regardless of the reason, we should remember, the road we choose may not take us where we think we are going.  And if we do end up where we intended, the journey may change our goals.  Consider the journey when choosing your road.  High road, low road, the road less traveled, which will you choose?

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Morning Dove

on the wings of a dove
comes mornings light
dispelling the darkness
of a long hard night

on the wings of a dove
hope arrives
adds new joy
to our lives

on the wings of a dove
laughter returns
bringing new truths
for us to learn

on the wings of a dove
we reach new heights
see the world
through different eyes

on the wings of a dove
comes love profound
a sense of beauty
our hearts astound

Twenty-seven years ago this morning Jaimee Dawn, my dove of the morning, arrived.  From the very beginning she has offered the world a different perspective.  She sees the beauty in the world as it is, and how it can be.  She is passionate, loving, driven and eloquent.  And I am proud to be her mom.

Happy Birthday Jaimee.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Tree

a simple little sapling
battered by the wind
forces its roots deeper
determined to dig in

a simple little sapling
nourished by the sun
reaches for the light
determined to have fun

a simple little sapling
standing in the rain
growing ever taller
battling the pain

a simple little sapling
rising from the heat
pushing ever upward
simply won't be beat

a simple little sapling
matures through the years
learning many lessons
shedding several tears

a simple little sapling
a shadow of the past
now a mighty tree
in it's place stands fast

Twenty-five years ago today, my daughter Kaycee was born.  She spent the first few years of her life chasing after her three siblings, trying to catch up.  Today she has come into her own.  She no longer stands in the shadows.  She casts a shadow all her own.  She is a loyal, loving and compassionate woman.  And I am proud to be her mom. 

 Happy Birthday Kaycee. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Collecting Hearts

wherever i travel
whatever i do
i always collect
a trinket or two

a gift of a moment
captured in time
resides in each trinket
a memory that's mine

the ones I most cherish
are not held in my hand
they are all the friends
that make my life grand

some were too brief
some stand against time
some come and go
without reason or rhyme

 each one is precious
each offers a gift
each touches my life
gives my heart a lift

to each i am grateful
for doing their part
for teaching me
to have a loving heart

To every person who has been a part of my life, thank you.  To those I don't see, to those I have lost track of, to those who have gone away, thank you.  To those who are still in my life, to those who are new to my life, thank you.  You have touched my life, you have touched my heart and I am grateful.  Though are paths have gone different ways you will always have a piece of my heart.  And you will always hold a special place in my heart.  You will not be forgotten.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

View From The Edge

standing at the edge
approaching the brink
holding the fringe
reaching the limit
on the verge


i stand
take a breath
see nothing
see everything
see despair
see opportunity
see defeat
see victory
see emptiness
see potential

this is where changes are made

In this chaotic world we live in, many of us push ourselves to the brink of disaster.  Often times we allow our reactions and feelings to bring us to the edge of despair.  But it is in these moments that our lives change.  It is up to us. 

If you find yourself standing on the edge, take a breath.  Look around.  The view is inspiring if you allow it to fill your soul.  So many choices, so much beauty, so much potential yours for the taking.
Allow your sorrows, your disappointments, your frustrations to tumble over the edge.  Then, turn around and be thankful for another day.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Heart Of A Warrior

the heart of a warrior
burns within
it leads the way
to truth 
to light

the heart of a warrior
burns within
reaching out 
with compassion
and might

the heart of a warrior 
burns within
of justice
and right
a better world 
in it's sight

the heart of a warrior 
burns within
wounded yes
not defeated
pushing forward
with kindness
and love

Thirty years ago today a warrior was born.  He arrived two months early and started his battle with his first breath.  Today he strives to do what is right, what is just, with love as his driving force.  He is my son.  And I am proud to be his mother.

Happy Birthday Marc.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Fire Within

there is a fire
that burns
in the recesses
of my soul

this is my passion
my drive
my purpose
my design

to deny this fire
invites chaos
and depression
to invade my life

the fire
will rage
against all else

to be consumed
by the fire
is to find
within myself

to embrace
the fire
is to live
my life
to it's greatest

to release the fire
is my way
to change
my world

my fire
my passion
my design
my destiny
my life

let the fire burn

All to often the search to find ourselves, to discover our purpose, to reach our potential becomes stagnant and useless.  We spend so much time looking at the world around us to find the answers.  If you truly want to find yourself, I suggest a mirror.  We will not find ourselves by traveling the world, trying new things, or waiting for them to fall in our laps.  We already have the information.  It is within us.  Take a look.  See the light?  Feel the burn of passion?  This is your purpose.  This is your destiny.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Tending The Garden

a child is born

a child reaches out
makes a friend
learns to share
learns to care
plants a seed
starts a garden

Alexandra has made a new friend.  A whole new world of experiences has opened up to her.  She asks about Abby all the time.  She is sad when she goes home.  She can hardly wait to see her again.  Alexandra is already aware of the importance of friends in her life. 

As adults, I fear we lose some of that  awareness.  We get busy with life.  We get caught up in the "busy-ness" of our day.  Perhaps we should take a lesson from the children.  Is it time to tend the garden?

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Out Of Hiding

i've been hiding
wrapped up tight
tossing and turning
my hair's a fright
i am blinded
by the light
if you touch me
i may bite
i am wounded
i can't fight
if you push me
i'll take flight
i hear your words
my heart ignites
inside my chest
a riot incites
i feel your love
as it invites
my soul to step
outside it's plight
i look back
i feel contrite
to leave this place
would bring delight
but something's amiss
something's not quite right
so here i stay
for one more night

Sometimes life's path leads us through trials, missteps and disappointments that wound our heart and soul.  It is not uncommon to pull away and build a safe space for ourselves.  This works for awhile.  And can give our hearts time to heal.  The most difficult part of this strategy is stepping back out into the world, reaching out once again.  Sometimes the wounds are so deep that a simple statement, a tone of voice, a harmless gesture can send us running back to our safe place.  It takes courage to reach out.  Courage wavers in the shadow of a wounded soul. 

When you see a wounded soul, be kind.  Remember they are still healing.  And healing takes time.  Compassion and understanding can help the wounded souls rediscover their courage. 

If you are a wounded soul, i hope you find your courage once again.  I hope you find kindness, compassion, understanding and love that heals your wounds.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Never Quite The Same

nice and neat
perfectly wound
spring in my step
energy abounds

i slink down the stairs
and stretch out far
make fun noises
i am a star

i love to play
i don't care how
i snap right back
at least 'til now

life has taken
a funny turn
i'm twisted and tangled
and a bit concerned

i've lost my shape
i can't spring back
my mind is slipping
fear i will crack

i am stretched
and out of shape
need some love
perhaps some tape

along the way
i've been off track
there are things
i can't take back

i take some time
unwind the knots
cleanse my heart
wipe out the spots

now i know
it's not a game
and i will never
be quite the same

Alexandra thinks that her GG is magic and can fix anything.   Oh how I wish it were true.  When she handed me the tangled slinky and said "fix it, GG, fix it", I tried.  I was able to get the tangles out.  But, the slinky certainly did not look the same.

As we walk our life's path we should remember the slinky.  You can stretch it and pull it.  You can walk it down the stairs.  But when it gets tangled, it will never be the same.  We allow things to get us all tied in knots, we make questionable choices, we don't pay attention to where our life is headed.  All of these things can tangle our hearts and our souls.  As a result, we are never quite the same.

So as you walk through your day, consider the slinky.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winds of Change

i love the wind
the gentle breeze
the forceful gust
the blowing leaves
the icy chill

i love the wind
it brings a change
a new adventure
a fresh perspective
a promise for the future

i love the wind
it steals my breath
it awakens my senses
it tussles my hair
it cools me down

i love the wind
it reminds me
to keep moving
let go of my sorrows
and reach for tomorrow

There are times that I wish I could hang onto a moment in my life forever.  But if I did, it would lose its value.  There are times, painful times that seem to last far too long.  Either way, I am always thankful for the winds that bring a change in my life.  I cherish the precious moments.  And I release the painful times while holding onto the lessons learned.  I love the wind.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Master Of The Game

life is a game
or so you say
and you believe
we all should play

you set the rules
you make the moves
then your surprised
when you lose

you treat people
like a pawn
look around
and they are gone

you change the rules
you twist the game
and find someone else
to take the blame

your mistake
right from the start
was playing games
with someone's heart

now they are gone
and you're in pain
thoughts are swirling
in your brain

now your life
goes up in flames
as they become
master of the game

When it comes to matters of the heart or life in general, we should not play games.  Ultimately, when you play games with someone's heart yours will also be wounded in the fray.  When we are hurt and strike out in retaliation wounds become deeper, scars more permanent.  When we allow ourselves to react without thought or consideration everyone loses.  When it comes to matters of the heart, don't play.  When it comes to life, don't play.  Live it.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Know A Man

i know a man

a godly man
compassion in his heart
a patient man
understanding is his art
a loving man
wisdom he imparts
a forgiving man
believes in a fresh start
a humble man
simply doing his part

i know a man
he is my dad
and when you say
i am like him
my heart is truly glad

Through the years I have watched my dad reach out to so many people.  I have watched him mourn with them, celebrate with them, guide them and comfort them.  There were times as a child I was jealous of the time he spent with other people.  But most of the time, I was amazed by how much he touched their lives simply by loving them.  He encouraged people to be themselves.  He taught them be their very best.  He helped them discover new talents.  He applauded every success.

Yesterday I was blessed to watch an outpouring of appreciation and love for dad and his life's work.  I watched video greetings from around the world.  I looked at cards from all over the United States.  I visited with people representing so many years of ministry.  My dad was surprised, overwhelmed and speechless.  When he finally found words, "I was just doing what I thought was right".

To all of you who contributed to this occasion, thank you for honoring my dad.  It was a blessing for him and for my entire family.  Blessings to each of you and your families.

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Friday, January 13, 2012


big plans
great ideas
sparks of genius
light bulb

and yet
until you
execute the plan
act on the idea
add fuel to the fire
acknowledge the lesson
screw in the light bulb

It is one thing to know what you should do or could do.  It is another entirely to actually do it.  Let your genius show.  Let the world see your unique inspiration.  Let your light shine.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012


light a fire
spark an idea
encourage the impossible
reach beyond limits
step out of the box
throw the box away
be bold
radiate confidence
emanate hope
saturate your life with love
let it freely flow
wherever you may go
bathe in inspiration
inspire your world

What inspires you?  Not what drives you.  If you are driven, you are being pushed.  To be inspired is to reach for something, to move forward, to progress.  So what inspires you?  What lights the fire that burns in your soul?  What releases your passion?  What encourages you to dream big?  Whatever it is, chase it, reach for it, hold onto it.  And then, share with the world around you so they may be inspired too.  Inspiration breeds hope, possibilities and growth.  We need more inspiration.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It Only Takes One

one more
just one
come on
give me just one
it doesn't matter which one
just one
that is all i need
please just one
only one
any one
but please
give me one

Ever feel like life is teasing you?  Do you play the if only game?  If only I had done it yesterday.  If only I had left sooner.  If only I had listened.  If only I had been quicker.  If only....  Sometimes it can be discouraging.  Sometimes it feels like you are just missing the mark.  Don't give up.  You are where you are, and you are who you are.  It only becomes a tragedy if you quit.  Keep going, the one may be just around the next corner.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


magic is in the air
i feel it everywhere
blowing through the trees
living beneath the seas
the glory of the rising sun
letting me know the day's begun
in the laughter of a child
in the kindness of a smile
glowing from the flowers bright
sparkling in evening's starlight
flowing through an outstretched hand
rising from a fertile land
magic magic in the air
i can feel it everywhere

for true magic to descend
you must believe my friend
to find your magic simply start
by looking deep inside your heart

Don't you just love the feeling of magic in the air?  Those days when all is right with the world.  The days when things do go your way.  All too often we allow ourselves to believe it is just not our day.  We don't believe in magic anymore. 

Do you want the magic back?  Spread some around.  Take a seed of kindness, compassion and love share it with another.  Watch it grow.  It is magic.  It is within you.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Angels In Our Midst

have you seen the angels
they are everywhere
you will find them
in a smile
a helping hand
a kind word
when you are down

have you seen the angels
they are in are midst
you will feel them
give you strength
lift your spirits
touch your heart
when you feel forgotten

have you seen the angels
there's one in the mirror
you can join their chorus
offer some encouragement
spread a little cheer
touch the world around you
and love will be your wings

When we reach out to those around us, we spark kindness and compassion.  That kindness and compassion comes back to us when we are in need.  Looking for an angel army?  Join up and you will have angels at every turn.

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