Wednesday, February 29, 2012


high road
low road
the road less traveled

choose wisely
for it not only determines
your destination
it determines
your journey

it is the journey
that determines
who we are
and who we become

it is the journey
that creates
the memories
we cherish

it is the journey
that presents
the lessons
we learn

high road
low road
the road less traveled

Why do we choose the roads we choose?  So many different reasons for our choices.  Sometimes we choose the road that we believe is faster.  Sometimes we choose the road that looks easier.  Sometimes one just looks better.  Regardless of the reason, we should remember, the road we choose may not take us where we think we are going.  And if we do end up where we intended, the journey may change our goals.  Consider the journey when choosing your road.  High road, low road, the road less traveled, which will you choose?

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Morning Dove

on the wings of a dove
comes mornings light
dispelling the darkness
of a long hard night

on the wings of a dove
hope arrives
adds new joy
to our lives

on the wings of a dove
laughter returns
bringing new truths
for us to learn

on the wings of a dove
we reach new heights
see the world
through different eyes

on the wings of a dove
comes love profound
a sense of beauty
our hearts astound

Twenty-seven years ago this morning Jaimee Dawn, my dove of the morning, arrived.  From the very beginning she has offered the world a different perspective.  She sees the beauty in the world as it is, and how it can be.  She is passionate, loving, driven and eloquent.  And I am proud to be her mom.

Happy Birthday Jaimee.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Tree

a simple little sapling
battered by the wind
forces its roots deeper
determined to dig in

a simple little sapling
nourished by the sun
reaches for the light
determined to have fun

a simple little sapling
standing in the rain
growing ever taller
battling the pain

a simple little sapling
rising from the heat
pushing ever upward
simply won't be beat

a simple little sapling
matures through the years
learning many lessons
shedding several tears

a simple little sapling
a shadow of the past
now a mighty tree
in it's place stands fast

Twenty-five years ago today, my daughter Kaycee was born.  She spent the first few years of her life chasing after her three siblings, trying to catch up.  Today she has come into her own.  She no longer stands in the shadows.  She casts a shadow all her own.  She is a loyal, loving and compassionate woman.  And I am proud to be her mom. 

 Happy Birthday Kaycee. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Collecting Hearts

wherever i travel
whatever i do
i always collect
a trinket or two

a gift of a moment
captured in time
resides in each trinket
a memory that's mine

the ones I most cherish
are not held in my hand
they are all the friends
that make my life grand

some were too brief
some stand against time
some come and go
without reason or rhyme

 each one is precious
each offers a gift
each touches my life
gives my heart a lift

to each i am grateful
for doing their part
for teaching me
to have a loving heart

To every person who has been a part of my life, thank you.  To those I don't see, to those I have lost track of, to those who have gone away, thank you.  To those who are still in my life, to those who are new to my life, thank you.  You have touched my life, you have touched my heart and I am grateful.  Though are paths have gone different ways you will always have a piece of my heart.  And you will always hold a special place in my heart.  You will not be forgotten.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

View From The Edge

standing at the edge
approaching the brink
holding the fringe
reaching the limit
on the verge


i stand
take a breath
see nothing
see everything
see despair
see opportunity
see defeat
see victory
see emptiness
see potential

this is where changes are made

In this chaotic world we live in, many of us push ourselves to the brink of disaster.  Often times we allow our reactions and feelings to bring us to the edge of despair.  But it is in these moments that our lives change.  It is up to us. 

If you find yourself standing on the edge, take a breath.  Look around.  The view is inspiring if you allow it to fill your soul.  So many choices, so much beauty, so much potential yours for the taking.
Allow your sorrows, your disappointments, your frustrations to tumble over the edge.  Then, turn around and be thankful for another day.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Heart Of A Warrior

the heart of a warrior
burns within
it leads the way
to truth 
to light

the heart of a warrior
burns within
reaching out 
with compassion
and might

the heart of a warrior 
burns within
of justice
and right
a better world 
in it's sight

the heart of a warrior 
burns within
wounded yes
not defeated
pushing forward
with kindness
and love

Thirty years ago today a warrior was born.  He arrived two months early and started his battle with his first breath.  Today he strives to do what is right, what is just, with love as his driving force.  He is my son.  And I am proud to be his mother.

Happy Birthday Marc.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Fire Within

there is a fire
that burns
in the recesses
of my soul

this is my passion
my drive
my purpose
my design

to deny this fire
invites chaos
and depression
to invade my life

the fire
will rage
against all else

to be consumed
by the fire
is to find
within myself

to embrace
the fire
is to live
my life
to it's greatest

to release the fire
is my way
to change
my world

my fire
my passion
my design
my destiny
my life

let the fire burn

All to often the search to find ourselves, to discover our purpose, to reach our potential becomes stagnant and useless.  We spend so much time looking at the world around us to find the answers.  If you truly want to find yourself, I suggest a mirror.  We will not find ourselves by traveling the world, trying new things, or waiting for them to fall in our laps.  We already have the information.  It is within us.  Take a look.  See the light?  Feel the burn of passion?  This is your purpose.  This is your destiny.

Copyright 2012 Ramblings by Dawn.  All rights reserved.